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Pure Envy Roofing and Renovations is an Adelaide-owned home renovations business specialising in roof repairs and roof restoration. Enjoy our hassle-free service – right from the initial consultation. Many companies say they're fast and reliable... We are and we'd love the opportunity to show you why we are the Adelaide roof repair and roof restoration experts for affordable, high quality roof work.

We're proud to be Adelaide's most reputable roofing and renovations company.

At the end of each job we survey our customers on a range of aspects related to our service. Some of our customers have even been happy with our service that they've provided us with a video testimonial and we thank them very much! When when we say we're Adelaide's most reputable roofing and renovations company, we mean it!

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Amazing Communication

We'll arrive on time, we'll finish on time and we'll communicate promptly with you throughout the job. Honest and open communication is part of what keeps our customers coming back!

Precise Worksmanship

As you heard from the testimonials above, the common feedback we receive from our customers is surrounding the quality of workmanship. We backup our work with a quality guarantee.

Thorough Quotes

There are some horror stories out there about people being grossly over-charged beyond the initial quote. Our pricing is all quoted fully and upfront so that you know exactly where you stand before we arrive to help.

Competitive Pricing

Don't pay too much for Adelaide roofing repairs and don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks of television and radio advertising tricks. Get the right price, for quality work that is completed on time, as quoted.

Adelaide Roof Restoration Guide

When it comes to issues with roof damage, sometimes you may not know that you need a repair until it is too late. A proactive approach to roof repairs and leaking roofs in Adelaide can be the difference between catching an issue before it gets expensive.

Sometimes issues with roofing can be out of direct line of sight and for this reason is often a great idea to seek the professional opinion of a qualified roof repair company in Adelaide whenever you suspect something might be wrong, just check if everything is ok with your roof before a small issue turns into a large one.

If left alone, a leaky roof can cause major internal damage to the structure of your roof and impact negatively on things such as the ceiling, the interior of your house and if it gets too bad, it can cause damage to personal belongings in the instance of a roof collapses. So be sure to act early.

The team at Pure Envy Renovations is an experiences Adelaide roof repair company that deals with a wide range of renovation and repair work, with vast experience spanning many decades. Our services include:

  • Replacing broken or cracked tiles
  • Repairing the ridge capping
  • Replacing whirlybrids
  • Flashing repair
  • Metal roof repair, including installation of new sheeting where required
  • Rescrewing loose or unfastened sheeting

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